The Journey.....

                The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – A Chinese Philosopher

The day I looked up and saw that green algae growing on the side of my house and decided to do something about it, was the day of our first step.

Having recently moved into our home I had noticed the green stuff on the side of the dormer of our house many times, but I kept telling myself “Someday, I’ll take care of that.”

I had hired others to pressure wash my house for me in the past but now I had some time and I had some equipment, I owned a pressure washer and had used it for several small projects but the project I was contemplating was much bigger than any of those, I needed to really learn how to use that thing.

When that day came I started to research methods for cleaning the outside of a house, I was amazed about how much information was out there that was practical and useable but there was also a lot of bad and contradicting information from others who thought they knew how to help. How do you decide who to take advice from?

For days I studied about the equipment, the chemicals, the methods, the practices, the hazards, the attacking organic growths and what it took to get great results but then it came time to get my feet wet and I went to work.

But before I started I needed to buy some specialized equipment that was designed for House Soft Washing and Concrete Cleaning. I had learned previously that pressure washing with a wand itself could severely damage my home and concrete, and that was not what I wanted to happen. I learned that there was a better way, a safer way, a more effective way to clean the outside of my home. I learned that the best way to clean wasn’t just blasting the house or concrete with high pressured water but there were cleaning solutions that I could use that would actually start the cleaning I needed.

I was amazed at the clean difference on my house. I really felt good about what I had done and the house really stood out, it was so much cleaner and so much brighter.

I was actually proud of my house. Every day for the next week I walked out in front just to look at my house. There was no more a green patch visible, the colors were so much brighter, and the driveway looked almost like new. I actually became emotional about my house and began to tell others about it.

Over the next few weeks I admired my house and relished in the pleasure and pride it gave me in seeing what I had done with it. It was then that I also started to notice my neighbor’s homes and when I would drive I would look at others homes and think, “I wish they could feel what I feel about my home.” It was about then I began to think that maybe I could help them and others.

We all have similar circumstances that we don’t have the knowledge or experience or resources to make the changes we want or need but every now and then someone comes along and makes a difference in our life in our circumstance. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and circumstances that’s why I started this company. I want our company to enhance the lives of our customers and others in need, and that’s why we also support One Child Fund.

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