House Soft Washing

Our homes are one of the largest and most important financial investments that we will ever make in our lifetime.  We at Clean ‘N Brite ProWash would like to help you preserve and protect your investment.   We believe that when we leave your property you will be able to experience a clean difference!

We take pride in the way our homes look but often outside forces are at work against us.  Algae, mildew, and mold can drastically affect your homes appearance and value. Yet often we don’t know how to address it’s issues.  That’s where we can help.  

We will clean your home’s outside surfaces using modern cleaning techniques, professional equipment, and as necessary specialize cleaning solutions to address your home’s particular surface cleaning needs.  We don’t just blast your home with high pressurized water that can damage your home.  We wash your home utilizing the power of our specialized cleaning solutions and a high volume of low pressurized water to clean your home’s surfaces.  The result is a much cleaner surface with a much lower risk of damage.


  • Curb Appeal – A cleaner property simply looks better.  You should be proud of your home and property, you’ve worked for it!
  • Increase Value – If you are selling your home a cleaner property can significantly increase the property value.
  • It’s more Healthy – The exterior of homes collect contaminates (dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, fungus, algae, mold, mildew, moss, and lichen), they float in on the wind, fall from trees, and are carried by animal life (birds, squirrels, and others). Having the exterior of your home professionally cleaned can and will reduce your exposure to these significant contributors of health problems.
  • Save Money – Keeping your home’s exterior clean can and will reduce damage to your exterior surfaces and reduce or eliminate costly repairs or replacement by extending the life of your surfaces.
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